by The Beepsters

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a VERY SERIOUS compendium of the Beepsters' culmination as the home recording project of fella with monobrow. This podge of practice snippets, radio odysseys, and neglected pop salvagings, serve to conclude this chapter of BEEPSTER so that the slate could clear for the CURRENT incarnation of BEEPSTER not represented by this collection. They are Levi Sager, Tatiana Affatati, Mattdaddy Songbird, and Austin Grapeseed and they are your salivating Nation. Enjoy, thank you, and job less.

Austin, 201whatevathafuk


released March 3, 2017

Austin, James, Spencer, Garrett, Ryan, Angel Boy, Aleita, Maria, Will Charles, Jordan, Stephanie, Steven Blue, Karen, Jeremy, Sam, Sammy, Derek, David,



all rights reserved


The Beepsters Eugene, Oregon

THE BEEPSTERS blazer riff jank-funk Saturday daddy mustached loner-cool tryptamine face rock bleats sonic sizzle; dumpster dub dirge swing band variation multiple people who same person saw tape blood amp plundered adult contemporary scuzzflower-samba naked cross-legged bongo phonic SORDID sensual scallion fever-trap bring down lentil rain guitar pain as pleasure ba ... more

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Track Name: Agitape Suite 2: The Social Experiment
Words of almost-wisdom: Will Charles
Track Name: Coffee Cake Crush
Kinda stoked gettin outta bed while I'm laughing at my own jokes
Get the daily cuppa joe, crossword, it don't mean much
Except the chance to see my coffee shop crush

Her name I never knew
Cause we rolled with different crews
So she never pops up in the People You May Know
Still I'm hesitant to talk
Cause I know she's on the clock
And I don't wanna creep
Writing my digits on recipts

She's never at the shows unless she's working at the shop
But she's gotta thing for Graham Nash and ZZ Top
Cues up the band I'm wearing on my shirt
All I know's if I was working that's how I would flirt



Sweet as a cronut
Track Name: (You Won't Be) Silence Anymore
Then a creep goblin crept out from the bush
(Oh fuck!)
It shocked you like a hardware at a grungy old cafe
It's gonna lick you in a place you've never felt
What you've never seen or heard or read or smelt

You won't be silenced anymore
It won't be violence that's the cause