⫷Suspender I⫸

by The Beepsters

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Thee third outing by The Beepsters steeped in the blues of the heaven and hell of the prior months.


released August 19, 2015

Austin - Carrot



all rights reserved


The Beepsters Eugene, Oregon

THE BEEPSTERS blazer riff jank-funk Saturday daddy mustached loner-cool tryptamine face rock bleats sonic sizzle; dumpster dub dirge swing band variation multiple people who same person saw tape blood amp plundered adult contemporary scuzzflower-samba naked cross-legged bongo phonic SORDID sensual scallion fever-trap bring down lentil rain guitar pain as pleasure ba ... more

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Track Name: Shower
[Let's get] Crackin', People!
It's showtime!

Track Name: Our Work
They tell me they're comin' when I'm cummin
Without my consent...
Over the time before time
Of seven shillings lent...
What is it about your eyes that gets me fried?
Wouldn't have it any other way

When I lie
It's for truth
And when I die
(All you've been) waiting for
(Will) Be true
And you...

You're what I have in this world that even makes it worth
So crate your Peavey to the show
And we will never see
Grey hair again.

So much worth
In what you made work,
All my life for you
Track Name: Fortnights Of Saturdalia
Was walking home late last December
(At) least that's where I considered it to be, anyway
Would not expect you to remember
That's why I wrote it down and I passed it around
We're gonna take it to downtown,
I'm gonna make it with you before the night is through
Kiss and tell,
Star-studded hearts of Saturday's rebel
All is well,
Kissing the face of the Ghost's clientele
Whoa nell!

Walking home late last fortnight
Trying to forfeit my filthy habits for you
Oooh, cut me off, Good Honey
You hear in my voice what I'm becoming

Doth bringeth me food
Done put me in the mood
Wanna give it a go?
I am happy to know
When it's given to you
What could be better use?
Or a time better spent
On a life/love that depends
On the moods of the day
Or the moons of the month
And the spiders and mouses
That live in our houses.
We'll work up the will
To take care for the moment
And when the roof's caved in
And the punch has been soiled
We'll raise the vibration
Ease the burning sensation
And when all is well...
We'll kill the face of the Ghost's clientele.
Track Name: Fair Nosegays
These brillos were salvaged out of
Grandma's burnt-down diner.
I held out on the breath
At the charred remains of what was
Discovered as it was
How rather unsavory and
Sordid the whole affaire was
How sordid, the whole affair was
When looked at from overhead
Above the topograph, it's so much.

Rolled so much in the sugar,
I would not know for sure.
Because of everyone's insistence on
Second guessing; I'm just trying to rip it down.
Need not be so intimidated,
But I must be frankly surprised at how
Nonplussed you can be
At the sight of my knife.
I, I, I,
I wont tell, no no.
I can't say, say
I will not tell.
Will not sell
Bow and arrow to hippie-types.
It will seemingly
Be so abhorrently
Executed upon the
Hill where my grandmother and grandfather were married.
And then,
It will be determined:
Who has the key...
Track Name: Women In Your Life
One wants to see the world's advantages
But only sees ideas of images.
Why get hung up on the abstract
When you don't know the real?
Stop trying to find the perfect words
And just tell me how you feel

But to say, who am I?
When I'm telling those same lies,
And control is not of mine
With these women in my life.

One will do you anything for what you need
Sometimes a love for your own good.
When it's rife with irrationality
You give up what can't be understood.
Yet you still know the worlds you owe
And a love more genuine you'll never know.

But to say, who am I?
When I'm telling those same lies,
And control is not of mine
With these women in my life.
Track Name: Book Eye
So it's all deemed so putrid
In the eye of The Book
And with me you see no future
For our mutual refusal to self-edify
I'm really glad that you kicked the habit
And still know how to sugarcoat a burn
You were all about a heart and sense of ability
That's why it always broke mine when you denied your worth
But now I've fouled my words
(And tried to polish the turd)
As He is all that is safe and right for you
To walk not with us fools that led you here
Be it out of fear

I don't care to heap on more blame
To all the friends I've lost today
Designated by games of your faith
That if you play, you wont need me anyway

I don't care to heap on more blame
To the best friend I've lost today
Designated by games of your faith
That if you play, you wont need me anyway
Track Name: The Questioner
Listless, is where I gaze upon
Your skin, like honey calcite in the night
It's what I want more of when I've got it

My tingling sensation's often misused
By hanging idle by burning tissue
You didn't die for nothing
You didn't come back just for what you forgot
I wonder about that a lot
But you've got your ways
And you've got your raves
I hold that the future holds a safe place
And that your world will give to you your name.

Mo hey now
Track Name: Launeddas
When I plant a seed, I keep you in mind
When I go to sleep you come alive.
A lie founded in good faith
Beside the distance I create

The line I cross as frequently as it slips the mind
Denied the need the led you to decide
When I plant a seed I'll keep you in mind
A lie before my face
A lie, the distance I create

The distance I create
A lie founded before my face
For my faith
But I...