by The Beepsters

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released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


The Beepsters Eugene, Oregon

THE BEEPSTERS blazer riff jank-funk Saturday daddy mustached loner-cool tryptamine face rock bleats sonic sizzle; dumpster dub dirge swing band variation multiple people who same person saw tape blood amp plundered adult contemporary scuzzflower-samba naked cross-legged bongo phonic SORDID sensual scallion fever-trap bring down lentil rain guitar pain as pleasure ba ... more

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Track Name: Zly Sakrální
What am I trying to remember?
Is it at all what it seemed to me to be before?

It's something beyond you and me
Beyond this current eternity
You must see

Before me, things could be so easy
But alas, we are stuck in a vicious cycle
(Vision of the past)
Of a beginning with no ending, it seems
We will never see what happens to our favorite characters
Track Name: Oh Welcome Home
Oh, the rain water; how I see you fall
I got time to waste for you 'cause time is all I've got
You shook me up and let me out
Into the river where I was born
Oh Lucy, I'm coming home
Oh Lucy I'm cumming

Welcome home

Oh God, help me now; for I have seen my fall
It's all the time I wasted on the high I never got
What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine
But I'm no one to play the lord
But oh Lucy, I'm coming home
Oh Lucy I'm comin'

Welcome home

Oh Lucy, I was all alone
I let fear overcome desire
I now see that I was wrong
And now the rain is gone
I sing your song until the dawn
Said you'll be back before too long
Oh Lucy, I'm coming home

So welcome home
Track Name: Tandy Division
You see her mug in a dream
And you wonder about the ugly nobody you are
And what's holding you back is a perceived notion that no one will remember in due time
Just tell us here through the atmosphere of which you are entitled to tell us to do anything you want me to do

Time has evaded space in our minds
With which we second guess and question what we hold dear in our lives
It's astonishing how much that we try to control
But honestly, we work around an abstract thing that we don't need.

Just tells us here through the atmosphere of which you are entitled to tell us to do anything that you want me to do.

It's astonishing how much that we try to control
But honestly, we work around an abstract thing that we don't need.
Track Name: Seven Fingers Left
If I'd thought to stop and wait
Maybe your name would not escape me
(Maybe it would take me)
Will you stay away?
I'll send a casket of apricots for your grievances
A jar of dragon fly wings for your ills
(We all have these, my friend)
We grow these locks to touch the ground
And when we do, we find the sound that we've been seeking all along
(And we're just voices in the background)

Why tell me how you really feel?
When we love what we've hid so well
How do you do it? What seems so real
Becomes harder and harder to tell

The point in reality, the absence of time
It just comes to mind, the love we can't attain

If I ever see it again...
Track Name: Zolar Plexus In Two Halves
I'm going to shave your tights off, baby
It's what needs to happen in this equalization of your bandwidth
In my light; in my sweet, clouded mind

Homestead my heart for a while
As you flock naked through the fields
The great green fields of America
Track Name: Lilac Vegetal
How can I sit there looking at you?
And not say what I feel true
They don't need you to save the world
But they'll surely keep an eye on you.

It's only a matter of time now, before they find out
It's only a matter of life now, I'll never find out

When I slap on my Lilac Vegetal
I'm looking for the one up on the pedestal
For all the time that's wasted striving
The better part of life is dying
So why try to justify what's relative to one's own mind?

I haven't a peace of mind in a while
Cobwebs collecting on my smile
Young fool's blues, the fix is gone
But I know I meant right for doing wrong

But perhaps it's best that I forget an ego I unjustly overprotect
So I wont care when you point out stupid things that I said

(chorus) (...)
Track Name: That's A Drag, Meercat
Crying leopards of fantasy

Meercat, on the savannah
Remiss of salami and provolone
Is not perpetuous to meditation or the writing process
A healthy experience is fresh and stimulating
And does not fuck with my head

Everything is what you want to here
Everything is what you want to see
Track Name: Mushroom Patch
So you say you're down to your last joint
Well brother, I don't know what to tell you
And you say this town got you down
Well man, I can tell you we've all been there, too
And you say you don't buy into all the lies
Well how do I know, now, that you ain't telling one?
And you're doing just what you want to do
But then the man, I heard he shot you down

Now all the kids, they just don't understand
They see you as some kind of fool
Well don't mind the rocks beings tossed your way
Just get your Smith & Wesson and blow them all away

Shoot 'em down
Shoot all those motherfuckers down

You turn to me and say,
"What the fuck are you doing here, anyway?"
Track Name: Passive Aggressive Maiden
Where can you seem to be found
Other than on the ground
I was there than not around
All those words and songs and still not a sound
Are we really alive?
Or just trying to make more time go by
Guess I'll see you then
When my days depend on the turning of the land
And I'll miss you then
Only here and when
Don't know how, but I know more than I knew then
But that's not saying much these days when all you can muster up for feelings is wandering in an aimless haze
And every now and then..
Everyday I hear the song

Are we really alive?
Or just marking the time as it goes by and by
Lye la lye
Here I lie in my home on the side of the road
Where you can come and see me and we can talk about how the days just keep getting oh so cold
Oh how they get cold
But I just don't know when my days depend
Guess I'll see you then